A sneak – peek into My World

Life is a journey with a kaleidoscope of experiences; and so is mine. It’s pretty fascinating since it gives me an opportunity to explore the world, in all the possible ways. My profession allows me to travel to different countries, live different cultures and interact with the intellectuals from varied milieu and this, in turn, makes me sensible about the different shades of human behavior. It contributes to the most awesome part of my life as an Image Consultant; just like India builds my values and beliefs, New York inspires my style and shimmer & Sydney triggers my grace and panache.

My professional journey of three decades as a Corporate Trainer and an Image Consultant has enriched my intellectual and creative niche propositions. It’s a fulfilling moment for me when I look back and find the innumerable smiling faces across the industry sectors, benefitted from my signature program ‘Build the Brand U’. Apart from this program, there is an array of Leadership and Image Consulting programs with leading corporate houses. The programs are designed to bring a positive and radical change in one's professional and personal life.

Enchanted with numbers, curious with handwriting and inquisitive with faces, my personal interest also extends to Numerology, decipher Graphology and read Faces. It gives me immense contentment by creating harmony with numbers and guiding people to improve their success ratio with Signature, Handwriting Analysis, Body Language and Facial Expressions interpretation.

Being a number 3, which is a Guru Number, it gives me an edge as a trainer and also stands as an inspiration for Image Gurrus – my professional venture.

I strongly feel, that a mere "Thought" could be a life-changing game for anyone, therefore my passion lies in transforming perspectives and nurturing ideas of innovation and change.

My Vision

To unleash the potential of individuals through radical transformation by redefining image and making them powerful Brands to succeed in all walks of life.

My Values

Rediscover our inner self with Trust, Creativity, Commitment, and Integrity

My Belief

Our success depends on the manifestations of our perceptions; as our perceptions shift our experiences change, and so the outcome.

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