Be An Image Guru

This image consultant training course is designed for the millennial who swear to change the world with their creative ideas and want to be known as a trendsetter. An Image Guru aspires to bring revolutionary changes in one’s attitude and transform them by connecting people with their inner self.

Role of an Image Guru

An Image guru is a holistic character in an individual, reflecting the qualities of an advisor, friend, counselor, coach, consultant, and facilitator. You should be able to envisage your transition towards the role of an Image Guru and likewise contribute significantly in bringing positive attitudes of your clientele’s personality. The sooner the process, the better you are at your work. Un-reveal the avenues of adding value to your personality and vis–a–vis your clientele with this program.

Understanding Image Management

There are different layers of the Image Consultant Training module. From the grooming sessions to body language and fine dining etiquette to nonverbal communication, an Image Guru is expected to be an epitome of elegance. Being an Image Guru, these are the qualities you also need to inculcate in your clientele. Understand different psychological triggers to infuse these qualities within them through this workshop.

Client Acquaintances

As an Image Guru, you need to be patient with your patrons. Sometimes there are chances that, your client may be carrying different societal conditioning and they are so deep-rooted, that you may face certain resistance. Learn how to handle such situations with a systematic approach through this workshop.

Image Consulting as a profession is globally recognized as a billion dollar industry over the period of four decades. Image Gurrus alliance with First Impression Consulting, Sydney-an Image Consulting Company, has groomed innumerable successful Image Gurrus across the world. In India, initially it had been preferred by celebrities, but now more and more professionals are taking a keen interest in gaining a higher value proposition. This workshop is a global gateway for people opting for image consulting, which will empower them with the authority to bring positive changes to their lives.

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