Building a powerful Self-Image

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This is my first blog on the website. I am excited about it. And today I am here to share some secrets about how you can build a powerful self-image. There are so many people out there who think that building a powerful self-image is not that difficult a task. But it’s so not true. Like developing any other skill, building self-image is equally tasking and takes a lot of conscious efforts.

You are not going to change everything all at once, so don’t be afraid to start small. Set simple and achievable goals, and then start completing them. So the first thing towards building a powerful self-image is to adopt a positive attitude towards you and towards the world. This is the foundation on which you are going to build your powerful image. For adopting a positive attitude you can try adding a new positive thought strategy to your list.

Don’t ever compare yourself to others. It is very common in our society, you yourself and the people in our society has the tendency to do the comparison with others. Everyone is good at something. You just need to find out what is your niche?

Don’t ever try to be perfect. Because no one can define what is the definition of perfection. I know it feels great to do the thing well so do the best whatever you are doing and give your 100% in doing that thing.

Next, you have to stop criticizing your-self. Criticizing is not going to help you or anybody else by any means. It will only make you feel less confident and will make you look negative on the outside. We are humans and humans do mistakes. But what is important thing about doing mistakes is we should learn from our own mistakes. And the person who learns from the mistakes of others is going in the exact right direction.

Gift a smile to yourself every morning. A gift of a smile from you to your-self can do wonders on your self-image. Even a fake smile can do wonders in lifting up your bad mood. Do try smiling, is a wonderful gift which you can give to anyone plus it’s free.

Now you have to list down ten things that you like about your-self before you go to bed. There are so many things in you which you like in your-self, all you have to do is to recognize them and remember them. From your eyes to the way you dress; anything and everything will do. This will make you realize that you are not as bad as you perceive yourself to be which will in turn improve your perception about yourself.

You should try to observe yourself and others in different situations. Observing someone or your-self doesn’t mean to judge. You have to observe yourself and others in different situations and notice the course of action you and the other person is exercising for the same situation. It will help you to learn a lot of things which will help you in being aware in different situations and in turn build a powerful self-image.

Last but not the least, Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t. There is no point wasting time in thinking about the things you can’t do. Instead of that think about the things which you can do and try to do them in a more better way; then analyze the difference in the results by comparing the result you obtained at first with the latest one and you will come to know where you have reached.

Remember that you are awesome and stunning!!!!