The art of effective communication lies in the success of decoding the message in an exact way it has been conveyed by the sender. This era has been witnessing a massive shift in attention span due to short message servicing, up-gradation of technology and ofcourse the evolution of smartphones. Communicating judiciously is a talent, and few are blessed with it.

This communication skills training program will enhance the effectiveness on:

Business Communication

A business communication is not only restricted to an e-mail or messages but also encompasses around the tonality of the messages on different social media, online portals, corporate websites, conventional documents etc. which are directed for the internal as well as external customers. It is important to understand the product or service offerings and customize your communication accordingly, to reach out as well as influence your target audience effectively.

Learn to formulate your communication avenues flawlessly and advance your effectiveness from this workshop.

Body Language

‘Not every time you need to speak to make a statement, your postures and body language can do that for you; since people listen with their eyes too.’ As per the statistical data, 93% of our communication is usually non-verbal and body language contributes majorly to that. Understanding the matrix of body language has two-fold implications: it creates an awareness about one's own personality as well as makes you sensitive in interpreting other’s behavior.

Empower your personality with our soft skills training programs to refine your persona for making impactful impressions.

Voice Power

Accents and phonetics play a very important role in modulating the voice. The impact of a speech depends on how it is articulated. A powerful voice can highlight your personality and complement your professional image. Get trained in different facets of voice modulation like enunciation, pronunciation, the rate of speech, pitch, tonality and volume to create magic with your voice.

Communication without assertiveness is like intelligence without intellect. In the professional scenario, there could be triggers which may sometimes flash–off an aggressive behavior either in a verbal or non–verbal way; since humans are emotional beings. However, those moments may take a toll on your image. This workshop provides a holistic approach to your professional grooming so that you earn your pie of attention and respect with your presence.

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