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Did you know, that the moment you shift your focus from selling to storytelling, you increase your chance of closing that sale? The most interesting part of sales is, in understanding the psyche of your customer and to curate your speech according to their requirements. Opt for two days workshop to master the robust technique of successful sales closing and understand the matrix of selling for the B2C and B2B customers. This corporate training program nurtures the soft skills of your employees, complements their personality, accentuates their self-esteem, which grooms them perfectly with the touché of excellence.

The take away from the sessions are:

Build Self-confidence

Learn to tackle sales objections with confidence and handle challenging customers with grace and flip the scenario in your favor for a smart sales closure.

Communication and Voice Modulation

Be it B2B or B2C, approaching the client with a right set of influencing words in a modulated tone, can affect the buying decision. Explore through simulated role-plays and mock situations, the power of your voice and articulated sales pitch.


A sales pitch shouldn’t suffocate the customer; rather it would be informative enough to persuade them for decision making. It’s important to break the clutter and make the voice matter. Mastering the art of persuasiveness is the need of the hour and it contributes to optimize the potential of your sales force.

Negotiation and Influencing

Negotiation is a smart art, but if not done properly it may appear as a cheap sales trick. Unfold the mystery of perfect negotiation and upgrade your sales force from sellers to influencers, for successful sales closures.

An ideal selling scenario requires the perfect engagement of both the parties. In today’s scenario, the selling is not restricted for one time. The focus should be on relationship building, for better results in the long run. Moreover, it also contributes to cross-selling, upselling and referral business which is a value-added proposition for every company- big, medium or small.

Our sales training courses highlight the gaps and grooms the employees accordingly, to strengthen the backbone of your company.

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