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Train the Trainer Certification workshop, is one of my Master Class Programs. A Trainer is expected to be a step ahead of the rest. However, their skills also need to be reviewed to keep them at their wit's end. A Trainer should be approachable, down to earth, unbiased towards any value-system, empathetic, a good storyteller and possess an excellent sense of humor. Our Train the Trainer program is designed to sparkle the skills of the Trainer at its best.

This program includes the following aspects:

The synergy between the Training Objectives and Organizational Goals

There is always a take away from every training session. A trainer should have the knowledge to design the training module and align it according to the organizational goals, which in a way heightens the scope of the training effectiveness. Learn to customize a training module and the process of delivery to create perfect synergies and optimize the outcome of the session.

Experiential Learning

The recall value of experiences is much higher than any motivational speech. Learn how to design activities, role plays, personal growth propensities, mock sessions, games etc. to keep up with the engagement levels of the participants.

Understanding the Audience

The Trainers are expected to curate their speech according to the audience. Understanding the psychology of the audience is one of the major aspects of the Trainers which also decides their capability in connecting with them. A Trainer needs to establish that connect with every participant on the respective level to grab their attention.

Our Train the Trainer module re–acquaints yourself with the craft of understanding and analyzing your audience and their behavioral tendencies.

Handling Challenging Situations

In training sessions, there could be innumerable challenging situations. Sometimes, the participants tend to deviate from the topic or show resistance towards a particular subject of discussion. Learn how to handle those unwanted situations with brilliance and intelligence with this workshop from the top corporate trainers in India.

Facilitation Skills

A training program should be a thought-provoking session, enticing the attention of the participants. Though training is usually perceived as a boring affair, the facilitation skills of a trainer can change this to an awsome experience for them by designing innovative activities, creative simulations and interesting role-plays. With this workshop, explore the artistic and imaginitive ideas along with diligent implimentation in your daily training regime.

The life of a trainer is glamorous indeed, but you need to sheen yourself to shine every moment...and this leaves an everlasting impression on everybody.

A diamond is only valued when it is polished and this workshop provides you with that sheer.

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