Parveen Gandhi - Image Guru

As a Soft skills Trainer, I conduct workshops on The Power of Communication, Executive Presence, Personality and Image Development and Leadership.
As a Motivational Speaker, I motivate people to live and grow than just exist.
As a Soft Skills and Behavioral Coach, It is my responsibility to produce best motivational speakers, image consultants and soft skills trainers across the world with my proved and tested methodologies.
It has been almost three decades now in the business of people development and I’m happy to say that my innate ability to perceive has evolved and my strong intuitions have helped me to groom, consult, coach , mentor and inspire others.
Being a number 3, I justify myself to be a teacher as it’s a Guru number and so I named my company as Image Gurrus Training and Consulting Academy.
I have a team of image consultants, soft skills trainers, motivational speakers, content writers and behavioral coaches & mentors, who help me serve a wide customer base.
Enchanted with numbers, curious with handwriting and inquisitive with face, I learnt with different experts to understand Numerology, decipher Graphology and read Faces. I help individuals by creating harmony with their numbers and improve the success ratio with Signature and Handwriting Analysis and successfully decode Body Language and Facial Expressions.
I strongly feel, that a mere “Thought” could be a life changing game for anyone, therefore my passion lies in transforming perspectives and nurturing ideas of innovation and change. I would like to be remembered as best motivational speaker and inspiring soft skills trainer across the globe.