Have you always wanted to be a Trainer-Coach-Consultant?
Do you feel that being a Trainer- Coach-Consultant is your inner calling?
Have you been struggling as a Trainer-Coach-Consultant and unable to get enough work in the industry?
Train the Trainer- Coach- Consultant, is one of our most popular courses.
It’s a 3 in 1 course wherein you learn to step into different roles as and when required.
As a Trainer you should be commanding respect with your charisma and intellect.
As a Coach you should be approachable, down to earth and unbiased towards any value system.
As a Consultant you should be knowledgeable, an expert in your domain, and a solution provider.

Conrporate Training Coach Parveen Gandhi

This course is going to add immense value to people who are aspiring to be a Corporate Trainer, Coach and Consultant. You are expected to be a step ahead of the rest. However, your skills need to be reviewed periodically to keep you at your wit's end.

Trainer, Coach and Consultant who are currently employed in this role, however feel the need to upgrade themselves and learn the innovative ways to build their personal brand to charm more customers will also benefit from this course, as this course offers all the new-age formula’s to attract the relevant target audience.

Most of the corporate houses have a team of internal Trainers who are looking into the training needs of the employees. This course will certainly help the internal champions to deliver exceptional training and coaching to their existing set of employees.

This Train the Trainer course is beneficial for both aspiring Trainers- Coach- Consultants and even the seasoned ones. The training, coaching and consulting industry is a billion dollar industry. To leverage upon this goldmine one needs to be prepared to make the most of it. As a Trainer-Coach- Consultant you will be able to find your niche and be geared to handle all kinds of clients confidently and be prepared to create innovative methods to suit different target audience.

What is a difference between Coaching- Consulting and Training?

Gone are the days when you would just be confined to one role. Today you need to play all the three parts with utmost confidence in order to satisfy your customers. Hence this module is extremely crucial for you to master each skill tactfully. You will not only learn the difference between training, coaching and consulting, but you will also understand the qualities and attributes that needs to be developed to perform the individual acts with utmost grace and determination.

How to make a remarkable impression as a Trainer- Coach- Consultant?

As a Trainer- Coach -Consultant, you are expected to have a demeanor of being suave, gentle and mature in your behavior and appearance. In our endeavor to groom them, it's essential to give you an image-makeover to make you look more attractive and appealing to your profession. Besides grooming, you will learn distinct skills required to perform their role as a Trainer – Coach- Consultant. This Train the Trainer module ensures total image transformation, which will make the learners more confident and desirable.

How to understand your audience? How to customize your training, coaching and consulting delivery once you identify your audience?

The most important thing to figure out and analyze is the nature of your learners. So, whilst following the beat of your own drum and a great technique for bringing something new to the table, do keep in mind your trainees when designing the framework and delivering the training. This Train the Trainer would help you customize your module as per the requirements of the audience.

What are the effective methodologies used in online and offline training, coaching and consulting to elevate learner’s experience?

Effective corporate training program is never approached as a one-size-fits-all method. As an educator it’s imperative to know the science behind choosing different methodologies during imparting training, coaching and consulting. As long as you choose methods for the right purpose, audience, and budget, your training, coaching and consulting stands a strong chance of developing minds, the way you intend. This module focuses on bridging the talent gap and intelligent technologies that can ensure uninterrupted engagement and effective delivery.

How to be an effective facilitator?

The word ‘facilitation’ has become widely used in the world of learning and development and yet there is often some confusion about what it actually means and how a ‘facilitator’ differs from a trainer, instructor, mentor, or coach. Teachers, Professors and Trainers are highly experienced and knowledgeable in their subject and yet feel more vulnerable or uncertain when asked to move into a purely facilitative role. This Train the Trainer program highlights the meaning of facilitation and its implications for the overall training process. Being a good facilitator is a Skill and an Art with the right Attitude.

How to handle challenging behaviors of the learners during training?

As trainers, situations arise, that challenge our people skills and our patience. No matter how skilled the trainer, there will always be those people who challenge, interrupt, undermine, and otherwise make our life difficult. These situations affect our ability to impart information, break our chain of concentration, and prevent us from effectively completing our instructional mission.

Trainers spend countless hours researching, writing, preparing presentations, and practicing. We come to the training prepared with a full agenda. However, once we set foot in the training room, all bets are off. The best-laid plans are disrupted by people who have their own agendas, petty grievances, and bad behaviors. Sometimes, it is not behavior, but a culture that causes difficulties. Cultural references, language barriers, and other differing norms can make training presentations more challenging. Through this module, we will learn to handle challenging situations before –during and after the training.

How to leave lasting Impressions with your leaners?

Many companies are very specific about how they want their employees trained. Creating lasting impressions on the employees, instilling in them their company’s values and expectations, as well as ensuring that employees have the necessary skills set to succeed. The Train the Trainer- Coach- Consultant course is designed to give the prospective learner the experience of teaching the material and transferring their knowledge into useful outcomes.

How do you monetize the learning business with integrity?

Post pandemic the learning industry has gone through a sea change.
Digital presence is the need of the hour. Social media is there to stay.
While you have all the skills to deliver to the best, you need clients to pay you for your services. To get a perfect mix of the right audience and the services you offer you need to have a proper understanding. This Train the Trainer program will sharpen your business marketing skills and give you knowledge and tools to excel in this new digital world .

How to evaluate training –coaching – consulting effectiveness post training?

Training effectiveness refers to the quality of the training provided and measuring whether the corporate training program met its goals and objectives. Our customized assessment models, used to measure training effectiveness will help you to assess the overall impact of the training imparted to the participants and its practical application on job. Similarly coaching and consulting can be measured with a well-curated creative tools and methods that will help you evaluate effectiveness. In this module, you will learn to innovate different models to understand, the expectations of the participants and its outcomes.

The Train the Trainer- Coach- Consultant course is delivered in live sessions by Ms.Parveen Gandhi, consecutively for 9 days for 45 minutes each. And 30 minutes would be assigned for Q& A and interaction on each day.

Our total interaction will be for 75 minutes per session in all and you will complete the course in 9 days. The last session of the ninth day would be for 120 minutes.