Across the globe image consulting and personal grooming is a billion dollar industry. Brands are spending millions to produce grooming products and services to cater to the ever growing market.

The job of the image consultant is to help people to groom their personality both physically and mentally with a systematically designed personality development training, so that they can confidently step out to make significant difference in creating best impressions at important events.

It’s quite natural to think that it is too late to build our personality and take an image challenge. That’s fine! I leave it to you! Trust me there is no such thing like that, any time is a good time to begin. When you have the awareness to change certain aspects of your image, then you will be compelled to do something about it.

Personality Development Program by Parveen Gandhi

You are a Corporate executive an Entrepreneur, a Professional, a Coach, a Trainer, a Teacher, Principal, a Student, a Homemaker, a Designer, a Consultant, an Accountant or an Individual who’s looking at an Image and Personality makeover then you should take this course and make a difference.

Most Indian employees believe up skilling is necessary to stay in job. In the recent survey 82% Indian professionals agree that college education has not equipped them with the personality and skills they need to succeed in the current job market, and 84% feel that the skills are changing so rapidly that their current knowledge is becoming obsolete.

Remember ‘What has got you here, won’t get you there’. Hence it’s imperative to engage your energies in cultivating and building a personality which is distinct and an image that is relevant and sustainable. In order to unearth the latent talent and unleash your inherent potential, it’s essential to constantly upgrade your skill-sets to remain in the game with an effective personality development program .

A comprehensive personality development course is designed keeping in mind the changing trends in the economic and social scenes across the globe. This course will help you build a strong foundation, so that you can confidently step into the world of competition and chaos. That’s exactly what the current scenario is …isn’t it? I assure you that if you apply the principles that we will discuss throughout this course, you would certainly win against all odds despite challenges and obstacles.

The journey could get fairly simple when you work on your self- confidence, raise your self-esteem and strive towards generating self-awareness and your overall personal development.

What is the difference between Personality building and Image building?

Well! Most of us believe that its one and the same isn’t it? The fact of the matter is that one is a subset of the other. Let’s understand this deeper in this personality development training module because this would lay a strong foundation to build your image.

How to develop a great personality and a winning image?

People say you have a good personality if they like you. Everyone wants to be liked, but it isn’t just limited to looks. Your personality is you; how you feel, think, and behave. You should definitely strengthen and improve your personality, but not just for other’s approval. This module gives you immense clarity on the missing links that you need to work upon and get started.

How can I improve my self-image?

This is one of the most crucial module handled by our certified image consultant with precision. Our self-image is the result of our inner voice and conditioning that works in favor or against us. In this module, you will learn the techniques to reprogram your self-talk and observe some magical results to rebuild a power-packed personality.

How to set goals for self-improvement?

We have been constantly asked to set goals and monitor them, but believing in the process is not easy for everyone. However if you get some really good incentives to do so, then would you go for it?

Let’s shift the paradigm in the way you do things from now onwards and surprise yourself and others.

In today's fast-paced, ever-changing, competitive environment, meeting the daily challenge of managing professional and personal responsibilities requires a strategy designed to meet individual needs. It’s crucial to set goals and create a roadmap to achieve them within a stipulated time .

How do I enhance my power to gain prominence?

It’s not so difficult to understand power. Even a toddler in these days understands that pretty well. However to gain prominence, there is a process and you need to work towards it. In this module our certified image consultant shall empower you with certain skills to enhance your powers that can elevate you to the next level.

How to move out of the comfort zone and take risks?

Being comfortable is not such a bad thing, it all depends on where you are and where you want to go. If you have a goal in mind and you find yourself stuck, this module will undoubtedly lift your spirits up and show you a world of possibilities that you haven’t seen before.

How can I leverage upon my charming personality and a clean image?

There are many people in this world, who are charming and have a spotless image, but still unsuccessful. There are chances that you may possess a charismatic personality and still cannot make it till the top. This personality development program would touch upon different aspects of your personality and the process of aligning your image to the brand U.

How can I become self-confident and raise my self-esteem?

Self-esteem is your self-worth in your own eyes. Self-awareness is the key to raise your self-confidence. This module will highlight the areas that you need to be aware of yourself which can help you gain respect and self-pride.

How to increase my value as a person?

Our value is determined by our actions and our ability to take risks. Personal image consultant helps you identify your value and then give you a roadmap to gradually increase your value by taking necessary action in your journey.

How to change other people’s perception about me?

Well! Is this possible? If yes then How? Let’s find out some interesting ways to do so with our image building consultant. You will not only be able to change the perceptions for the better but also gain visibility in the right direction.

How do I groom myself to stand out in the crowd?

The job of a personal image consultant is to focus on the standards of an individual. Grooming happens at two levels – physical grooming and mental grooming. You need to strike a proper balance between the two. This personality development program is especially designed to prepare you for making your dynamic presence felt in the room.

The Personality and Image Building Program is delivered in live sessions by Ms. Parveen Gandhi, consecutively for 6 days for 45 minutes each. And 30 minutes would be assigned for Q& A and interaction on each day.

Our total interaction will be for 75 minutes per session in all and you will complete the challenge in 6 days. The last session of the sixth day would be for 120 minutes. These sessions will be exclusively conducted by image building consultant .

  • You will get personalized inputs to develop your personality with each challenge that you will take. Although you will get recorded videos in your email box, just remember that we will constantly monitor your journey from before to after.
  • We will give you a certificate on successfully completing the 6 days power packed Image and Personality challenge.
  • When you diligently take all the 12 challenges and show astounding results, you will get an opportunity to have a One to One consulting session totally free with our principal image building consultant popularly known as Image Guru- Ms. Parveen Gandhi.
  • Furthermore on successfully completing the course you will get 10% off on our other self-development programs that our equally result driven.