10 Reasons Why You Should Read 'Get The Billion Bucks Image’.

10 Reasons Why You Should Read 'Get The Billion Bucks Image’.

Synopsis Of The Book –‘Get The Billion Bucks Image

There is enough talk about image management. People who have tried to manage their image have failed, hence most of them have dropped, ignored, and rubbished the theory. Personal image management is found to be plastic and focused on pleasing others and doing what others expect you to do.

Well! I completely agree with this. When you are in the business of putting layers of the mask, not to protect yourself from the deadly Corona Virus, but to make others believe that you are what other people want you to be then there is a serious problem. Authenticity is compromised and Plasticity becomes a priority.

Image Management should be replaced by Image Building, Image Transformation, and Image Recreation, and Redesigning. Everything needs refurbishment, be it a house, office, wardrobe, career, relationships, and our own Self. Hence the term management in my opinion should be reviewed on a serious note. Let’s create instead of manage.

Billions of people coexist together in this warm ball called the earth. It could be cold at times, it could feel cold at times. Coexistence is not easy after all. What is even more difficult is to leave a mark on the consciousness of humanity with our deeds and personality. We are often fretting to leave even the tiniest imprint of ourselves, wondering what ‘others’ will think?

We care about others more than we care about ourselves, and when people say they shouldn’t care about others, they are on a grey patch. The world is twisted and coexisting makes it no easier. So, how do we find a middle path? How do we care about others and ourselves at the same time? That’s where Image transformation comes in.

A layman would think Image building is just about an image makeover. But it goes to a much deeper level - it reprograms and reignites the way you think, feel, and behave. It is an internal cleansing that reflects and echoes in our outside world. It may sound like an extrinsic term, however, image transformation is about looking within. Introspection and Image correction are inevitable - without self-introspection, one can never realize where they are going wrong and what the reason behind it is.

With ‘Get the Billion Bucks Image’, I explore the themes of redesigning the inner world, making it rich and lush with wisdom to transform ourselves into a complete person. I understand the complexities of human functioning and decode behavioral patterns with client instances. While recognizing the problems, I recognize the solutions that may make our lives enriching and disciplined. Our inner being grows into a beautiful person on the outside as well, if we are willing to pay attention.

With this book, for the first time, people get access to handy tools to renovate themselves, change their perceptions about the world, and get the billion bucks image. Whereas the world will also begin to take notice and reconstitute its perceptions towards you. It’s a two-way road and this book is the beginning of a beautiful journey awaiting you, as you embark on the path of rediscovering and reprogramming your life, your way.

With every chapter, we visit a part of Image Building that is usually either neglected or difficult to build upon and share anecdotes on how one can become more agile with the changing dynamics everywhere.

I have shared my ‘Learnings’ after every chapter to give readers a holistic view of what every chapter entails in a short capsule. The language is simple, with fonts and stories labeled in an easy way that makes it effortless for readers to navigate throughout the book. With a bibliophile’s heart intact, there are spaces given for people to scribble so that they do not have to take notes on the side crumbs of a page. The approach is quite straightforward and the concepts are explained with illustrated diagrams and a narrative that is engaging and engrossing. I am sure my readers will get the benefits of this book and possess the billion bucks image.

'Get the Billion Bucks Image' is an exercise to see every day in a new light. You don’t have to be hard on yourself and change overnight. But you can gradually move towards making your ‘today’ slightly better than before, and wait for your tomorrow to make you a star in your own right. Show faith and take a leap into this ocean of learning, where the ultimate outcome teaches you Image Enhancement.

Shall eagerly await your feedback.