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Coaching par Excellence

Coaching par Excellence aims to Enrich, Enhance and Empower you to Evolve and Succeed.


Meet the Founders

Welcome to Coaching par Excellence! The one-stop Knowledge pool for all your coaching and mentoring needs. We all find the need for a coach or a mentor who can enable us to see the path we are walking distinctly and ensure we reach our desired goals.

We at Coaching par Excellence, believe in making your journey of life smoother and simpler by holding your hand initially and then enhancing your foundation in a way that can help you reach your destination.

Parveen Gandhi and Dr. Iqubal Thaker

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Parveen Gandhi 
Each session explores a new You

As an Executive and Leadership coach, I’m passionate about empowering professionals across cultures to achieve Leadership Image Mastery through goal-driven strategy, enabling them to contribute with 10X growth and creating an incredible legacy.

  • Soft-Skills and Leadership Trainer for the Last 20 Years in the Corporate World
  • Image Consultant consulting C-Suites on Image Building
  • Executive Coach working closely with Senior Executives on Enhancing Skill Sets and reaching New Heights
  • Co-Founder of Coaching Par Excellence-  ‘We Make Your Journey Smooth’
  • Author of the First Book on Image Building - Get The Billion Bucks Image

Been instrumental in helping more than 100,000 senior corporate executives working with fortune 500 companies to build a Leadership Image that has enabled them to move up the corporate ladder.

Helping people to believe in themselves and empowering them to unearth their latent talents gives me contentment. I help people to understand their calling in life and evoke awareness that can give them deeper insights to lead a happy and blissful life.

We Value Your Association

Say Hi to your Coach!

Dr. Iqubal Thaker
Every step of awareness gets you closer to your goals

Hi, I’m Iqbal and I have always loved to learn and explore. I’m a passionate, driven person who wants to make the world a better place. My favorite part is being able to share what I know with other people engagingly. It’s also really fun to meet new people and hear their stories because then I can learn from them too!

As an Executive Coach, I aim to help 100,000 dynamic working professionals and support them to get 10X value in growing from Leaders to Masters without compromising on their health and wellness.

In a nutshell, I have

  • A highly technical background (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.) in Aero-Mechanical engineering from IIT Madras and RWTH Aachen, Germany with an Executive MBA in Product Management.
  • Over 20 years of experience in Leading and Managing at all levels.
  • Specialize in launching new products and services from concept to roll-out across different industry verticals and building organizations from the ground up.

Armed with extensive coaching & leadership experience in highly competitive industries such as Software, Aerospace, Renewables, and Healthcare across the globe. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with, trained, and coached people on how to problem-solve creatively and work well with others around the world. I share my experiences and learnings to help professionals level up and reach greater heights.

We Value Your Association