11 Fashion Mistakes Women should avoid while Dressing for work in 2021

11 Fashion Mistakes Women should avoid while Dressing for work in 2021

Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress, and the way to live.” - Gianni Versace

Women play different roles and have different shades of character and style. What you wear and how you present yourself to the world reflects in the way you are treated by others. Fashion you can buy, but the style is your own creative possession.

People are bound to stare if you have made it worth their while. Go all out and express your femininity and sturdiness and charm others with your grace and panache.

In 2021, make sure that you get your style quotient intact and avoid faux pas in the way you present yourself at work.

The most common fashion mistakes women make while dressing for work are:

1.No relevance to the occasion

When you dress for the occasion, you gain respect and build a better perception that will enable you to get better opportunities in the future. In a formal interview, your dress code plays a crucial role in making your first impressions a lasting ones.


2.Not Investing Just Shopping

This is one of the fashion mistakes every woman makes.

‘So many clothes, but nothing to wear.’ Some women are shopaholics. They do random shopping without realizing the appropriate need for clothes and accessories. One needs to invest in clothes and not just shop senselessly. Plan your wardrobe and then do systematic shopping and you will feel good about it and apparently have more options to choose from your closet.


3.Loud Skin Show

“More the skin show, the less the authority

Less the skin show, the more the authority”

Reflecting on your wardrobe to see how much do you reveal makes a lot of sense. You certainly have occasions to wear clothes that accentuate your sexual personality, however, if you are in a formidable position at the workplace, then you should refrain from wearing outfits that show a lot of skin. When you are aware of the outcome you tend to avoid making grave fashion mistakes.


4.Comfort Vs Fit

The next fashion mistakes to avoid is choosing comfort instead of fit. We often hear celebs talking about their dressing preferences. Most of them say comfort is the key and they prefer wearing comfortable clothes always. Some women misunderstand this reference and choose to be comfortable without looking at the fit and the design element in a garment. Too much comfort can make you look casual and laid back. Wear clothes that are well-tailored and fit perfectly on your body. This would give you a sharp and refined look.


5.Inappropriate shoes

Shoes for office, shoes for Coffee, shoes for a party, shoes for jogging, and shoes for walking. For every activity, you need the perfect match to suit your needs.

“I firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world.”- Bette Midler

Comfort is extremely important and so is appropriateness. When you get your shoes wrong, you make a poor impression. So just get all of it right- right outfit- right accessories and right activity. These are fashion mistakes every woman makes.


6.Too much jewelry

‘Less is more’ be it jewelry or any other accessories. Don’t overdo, to make a difference. Being subtle looks elegant and sophisticated. Choose your jewelry based on your personality type and attitude. If you can carry it then flaunt it.

Just make sure there is perfect harmony in your mind and body both. One of the fashion mistakes you would regret making if you look overdone.


7.Wrong colors

“The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.” - Hubert de Givenchy

All women are blessed with beautiful bodies, that’s one of their priceless assets. It’s important to celebrate and be comfortable in your own skin. Having said that, the way you carry your body defines who you are and what you want.

Colors catch people’s attention faster than any other thing on your body. Some women are simply color blind. They just fail to understand their body type and the color combinations going in sync with it. Like for example if you have a curvier and heavy lower body, then you should avoid wearing lighter colors at the bottom. Darker colors can make you look less wide. One of the fashion mistakes to avoid is choosing the wrong colors.


8.Informal patterns

Patterns such as floral, dotted, and large prints seem to give a casual feel to the outfit. Wearing such patterns in the workplace does not suit the surroundings. Whereas geometric patterns make the outfit more classic and formal.

So keep your casual prints for casual occasions and choose more straight lines, diagonals, and other geometric or abstract designs to keep in line with the formality.


9.Incorrect Size

Being well dressed hasn’t much to do with having branded clothes, it’s about having common sense and striking the right balance.

As women, we are most often concerned about our increasing size, which keeps giving us jitters when we go shopping or try a new trouser or top. We tend to pick a size less than our original one, with the understanding that we may fit into it after some crash diets and workouts. It is advisable, not to try those stunts. You can always get the appropriate size and alter that in case you succeed in losing weight later.


10.Print on Print

“Fashion fade, style is eternal.”- Yves Saint Laurent

No prints, which means only solids in the garment can make you look formal and sometimes dull and drab, and Too many prints on top and bottom can make you look like a Christmas Tree. To get a sheek look, choose the combination of prints and colors wisely and you will see eyeballs rolling around you.


11.Make-up Horror

“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.” - Helena Rubinstein

Some women are averse to make-up and feel that they may spoil their skin if they wear make-up. Some women overdo it and don’t just know where to stop. Light day make-up is a must for every woman. It gives you the required confidence and willingness to meet others and enjoy the day to day activities.

Here are some fashion mistakes to avoid. If you have read this so far, then I’m sure you are keen to change your dressing sense and make a positive difference in the way you look.

Hope it has added some value and given you a fresh perspective in looking at clothes as a resource that can change your game.

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