11 Fashion Mistakes Men Should Avoid While Choosing Accessories In 2021

11 Fashion Mistakes Men Should Avoid While Choosing Accessories In 2021

Fashion Accessories are like Supplements that are vital to our Style.

Small and subtle accessories add a pinch of glamour and gloss to your formal and informal attire and give you a distinct look.

Men’s Fashion trends keep changing frequently. You buy a pair of trendy clothes today; they may be outdated tomorrow. It’s good to have a fashionable and classic blend of accessories in your wardrobe to give you a perfect mix.


How much accessory is too much for a man?

Some guys end up wearing a watch, bracelet, pocket square, tie bar, collar pin, belt, 7-8 rings, and many more accessories randomly.

Remember, accessories compliment your outfit. Real style lies in blending your accessories with an outfit seamlessly. Pick one or two additions and make it your signature look. If you love watches, skip the bracelets and rings. Don’t wear too many accessories.

Accessories allow you to combine various fashion trends to make your style. However, choosing the wrong accessories can ruin your entire look. Every man should make the correct choice of accessories that complement their personality.


Should men wear accessories?

Men’s fashion sense is limited to their environment and sensibilities. Some men prefer no accessories with their dress at all. It may sometimes give an incomplete feel as if something is missing. Accessories are an inseparable part of the men’s fashion world.

Accessories amplify your personality. They express your image and take you to the next level of style. Moderate and subtle additions of accessories will add to your dress to accentuate your stylish look.

This article is highlighting 11 Fashion Mistakes that men usually make while wearing or choosing accessories. Knowing about these fashion mistakes can help you make the right selection of fashion accessories to combine with your garments and enhance your presence.


1.Mismatched dress shoes and jeans

The wrong pair of shoes can kill your entire look. Pairing formal dress shoes with casual jeans looks awkward.

Some wear dress shoes with their loose-fitting denim. Sharp dress shoes and casual denim wear is not the right choice, and so are sneakers with dress pants.


2.Colors miss Harmony

How to choose the perfect color combination of shoes with your outfit to avoid fashion mistakes?

There is always a bit of confusion, selecting colors that match the entire ensemble. The mismatch in the shade of shoes, socks, belts, and the suit could spoil the fun.

Shoe color should be in sync with your attire.

Chocolate and chestnut dress shoes can do much more to your outfit. You can pair them with smart business suits and other formal wear. They are exquisite when teamed with khaki/ tan/ brown pants and a white shirt. These hues are allowed with black suits also.

Black color shoes will go well with all muted trousers, like black, blue, grey, tan and green.


3.Wrong selection of socks

Wrong Choice of Socks

Fashion mistakes can be avoided with consciousness.

Some guys pair-up their perfect outfits with the wrong kinds of socks in terms of colors, fabrics, and designs.

The color of the socks should match the color of your trouser. If you are wearing a black trouser, then your socks should be black. Again wearing sports socks on formal trousers is a big men’s fashion mistake.

Shoes without Socks

Formal shoes without socks will ruin your business look. It's an insane thought to go without socks in your formal dresses.

Beach shoes or sandals are the shoes you can wear without socks.

Pairing Socks with Sandals

Pairing socks with sandals is a blunder. It looks ugly.

The whole purpose of sandals is defeated. Avoid putting a fabric layer between your feet and the sandals.

Short Socks

Displaying your hairy legs from the suit pants will not be a pleasant sight.

When wearing a suit, your socks should come up to your calves and stay there. When you cross your legs, you shouldn’t be showing any part of your legs.

When dressed casually, you can go with short socks or go completely sockless.

4.Tie blunders

Too Long or too Short Tie

Fashion mistakes are not made purposely. One can avoid these mistakes by being observant of other people’s dressing style.

The extreme length of your tie can make you look clumsy.

The tie’s tip should end between the belt buckle’s top and bottom or at the waistband. Remember, it should not be too high or too low.

Do not match the color of the tie with the color of your shirt.

Tie Pin/Tie Bar

Many men don’t place the tie pins in the right place. When you set the tie pin too high, your tie can flap in the wind. If you put it too low, it looks awkward. Placing a tie pin inaccurately may do more harm than good.

Too wide or too narrow pins look awkward.

Place your tie in the center. The width of your tie pin should not extend beyond the width of your tie.

Go for gold or silver color tie-pins for formal settings. For casual occasions, you can try multi-colored tie-pins. Men’s fashion has evolved over a period of time and an evolved man knows its value.

Matching Pocket Squares

Another men’s fashion mistake to avoid is to match the color of their ties with pocket squares.

Choose a multitude of colors and patterns of pocket squares that speaks volumes about your signature style. The kind of fold you opt for can create your unique style.


5.Mismatching Belt

Wrong color and material of the belts are the common mistakes men make. In a standard setup, some guys wear a belt that does not match their shoes.

Wearing old and worn-out belts can tarnish your image.

In a casual setting, you may go for mismatching shades.

You can sometimes enjoy some freedom with your casual shoes.

A Brown belt goes with brown leather shoes, black shoes with a black belt. Glossy belts need to be paired with highly polished shoes. And you can team up matte belts with matte shoes and clothes shoes with cloth/canvas belts of different colors.

If you decide to go in between formal and casual, add some colors and texture with a braided leather belt or a classic leather belt with an attractive buckle.


6.Watches and Bands in the same Wrist.

Watch is one of the most important accessories of men’s fashion. Wearing a watch and band together is quite confusing. A wristwatch and bracelet in the same hand kill the aesthetics.

Some guys prefer to wear no watch in their business meetings.

A wristwatch enhances your appearance. It gives you a little extra edge over the other men in the room. Analog, Dress Watch, or Quartz watches with leather strap is always a classic choice.

For informal and casual outings, you can prefer digital or smart-watches. If you are going to a gym, wear a sports watch; for swimming, wear a diver’s watch.

You can select leather, metal, gold, silver, rubber, or plastic watch straps depending upon your dress and occasion.

Choose always the right size of watch for your wrist size. Do not select a too loud and distracting watch.

Leather, metallic, and bead bracelets are popular; it can be the right choice on a casual evening date



Colored Sports Sunglasses with a blazer is the wrong choice.

If you do not need prescription glasses, fake eyeglasses is an incorrect and weird choice.

Choose sunglasses of a perfect size and shape suitable to your face. If your face is round-shaped, go for round or oval-shaped sunglasses. If your face is rectangular, choose rectangular or square-shaped sunglasses. Good quality and branded sunglasses will give you a stylish look.


8.Wallet Bulge

Bulging Pockets

It’s your wallet that creates the bulge. An oversized wallet gives a weird shape to your pocket.

A leather wallet for your business suit is ideal. Choose a wallet as per the size of your pocket and avoid bulk in your wallet.

Funky wallets are suitable for informal and casual situations.

Slim wallets are suitable for all occasions. Black, Brown, Chestnut are some of the all-time colors.


9.Backpack with a suit

A merely ridiculous and unforgivable sin made unconsciously. While I understand that most men prefer backpacks, as it is comfortable and quite handy, the combination with a formal suit, blazer or a jacket is inappropriate. It can take your sharp suit or blazer down to billion notches.

With your stylish business suit or formal wear, you can select a stylish bag that can be your personality statement. A smart laptop bag can also be a good option.


10.Hats and Caps

Oversized hats can make you look clumsy. Choose your hats and caps according to the size of your face.

If you are tall and slim, prefer a wide-brimmed hat. If you are short, choose a short-brimmed hat.

Should avoid Formal hats in casual outings and vice versa.



The large and elaborate jewel in rings is distracting. Choose the ring as per the size of your fingers and your clothing. Too many rings can give you the impression of going overboard or craving attention. Not acceptable in the work setting.

Here are some fashion mistakes that could be avoided to save the men from being embarrassed or feel out of the place.