6 Reasons Why English Language Learning is Important for you

6 Reasons Why English Language Learning is Important for you

During my morning walk today, I saw my neighbor, Mr. Ninad. He was walking in his garden somewhat restless and lost in thoughts. I waved at him but he did not notice. I decided to visit him. After a casual exchange of morning pleasantries, I asked him the reason for his anxiety. His younger daughter studying in grade 8th was facing issues in English language learning, especially in grammar skills. Mr. Ninad due to his busy schedule was unable to attend her school meetings. But, the daughter did not wish to take her mother to her parents’ meetings because her mother can not communicate in English.

This situation of Ninad could be with anyone in any country where English is accepted as a second language. Ninad strongly wishes that his daughter should gain a good knowledge of English as a subject in the school. At the same time, he wants his wife to learn English. He understands the importance of English language learning.

Nowadays more and more people are dedicating time to learning English. The reasons behind it are quite simple. It is a global language that is spoken commonly in many countries. It is a connecting language that enables people to communicate and work together.


Why English Language Learning Important for you?


1. Global Language

Studies show that one out of every 5 people can either speak or understand English. The English language is spoken by around 400 million people across the world. It is the language of international communication. It is the most common second language in the world.

In many countries,  English is included in the school curriculum and is taught as a subject. It is a global language used in offices and businesses. Universities teach courses in English. English is a common language used in media, trade, and businesses. Tourists and travelers use English to communicate and to understand the local culture.


2. Increases Career Opportunities

If you have good knowledge of English, the chances of getting career opportunities are more. More opportunities will be available for your professional growth. You can compete in the global job market and enhance your career skills.


3. Door to Technology and Digital World

Most of the business and official meetings are in the English language. The technical information and knowledge shared are generally in English. Even if you want to use the virtual meeting platforms, the information and guidelines to use are in English.


4. Language of Internet and Entertainment

According to the surveys done, more than 500 million people use the internet every day. 52% of the most visited websites and social media platforms are in the English language.

If you know English, you don’t have to rely on translations and subtitles to enjoy your favorite movies, T.V shows, or audiobooks.


5. Language of Tourists and Travellers

English is used as lingua franca (a mutually known language) in many countries. If you know English, as a tourist you can comfortably converse with localities of the countries you visit.


6. Access to multi-culture

Numerous books of fiction and non-fiction in the fields of Art, Literature, Humanities, Science, and Technology are written in the English language. If you know English, you can gain cross-cultural knowledge, and enjoy the books. You can understand English films and music.


Ways to Learn English

If you have a strong desire to learn and develop vocabulary in the English language, there are infinite ways of learning.


  •  1. You can take any good online course
  • 2. You can join the course physically close to your residence
  • 3. You can opt one on one course or a group course
  • 4. Watch English movies and T.V. shows
  • 5. Read English books


Studying or knowing the English language can help you to progress in your professional and personal life. If you are looking for a new job, you must learn English.

If you are planning to travel abroad, traveling is easy with the knowledge of English. English is the only common language in which you can understand the local people.

As a parent, you may have to attend the parent-teacher meetings several times round the year.  If it is an English medium school, you may be expected to communicate in English with the teachers and the Principal. If you are not fluent in English, it will be difficult for you to understand the academic progress of your kid.       

Knowledge of English boosts your confidence. It adds value to your overall education and experience. The fast-moving technological world is getting closer and closer day by day, hence it is important for you to learn English for your personal and professional growth and development.