How can you overcome the challenges of English language learning?

How can you overcome the challenges of English language learning

Ketaki, a small-town girl topped her college in Biotechnology. She wanted to pursue her Master’s degree in one of the best Universities in the U.K. To get admission to that university, Ketaki had to appear in the IELTS test. Being from the vernacular medium, Ketaki found IELTS quite difficult. Ketaki wondered how she could improve her English vocabulary, and grammar to get the qualifying scores in IELTS.

How she could improve her speaking and listening skills? She started inquiring about the English Speaking Courses available in her town. She searched on the internet. Ketaki saw hundreds of courses available online claiming as the best courses. This baffled Ketaki, she couldn't understand what to choose. Suddenly she remembered her cousin who went to the UK last year. She decided to take the guidance from the cousin.

She approached her cousin for help who got admission in the same university a year before. Her cousin suggested Ketaki to take up the English Language Course to get a better grip on the English Language. Ketaki enrolled herself in the course suggested by her cousin. She worked hard and achieved good scores in IELTS.

Ketaki was determined to clear the IELTS test. However, while learning English she faced many challenges. She often felt if, she could get away with learning the English language, however unable to avoid as it was necessary for her admission process.

In the 21st century, the use of the English language is not restricted to native countries. It is used as an official language and conversational language in non-native countries too. It is spoken by more than  400 million people across the globe.

Learning any non-native language has many difficulties. English learning is not an exception to this. It poses many challenges to the learners due to the intricacies present in the language. Non-native speakers find a myriad of challenges when they begin the process of learning English.

Here are the major challenges that learners face while learning the English language. 

1.Difficulty in Pronunciation

Many words in the English language do not sound the same as they are spelled. Many words have different spellings that make similar sounds.

There are several words with similar spellings but when pronounced differently, their meaning is changed. For example, ‘live’ when pronounced as liv, its meaning is interpreted as ‘ to be alive/to continue alive’. The same word when pronounced as laiv, its meaning becomes ‘to be alive/ existing in reality’.

Learners are surprised to know that the number ‘two’ is pronounced the same way as the word ‘to’.

The words that have the same spellings (Heteronyms) but different pronunciation and meaning pose difficulty to the learners. For example, ‘Lead’ when pronounced as ‘Leed’, means ‘to guide’. However, when the same word is pronounced as ‘Lead’, it means ‘a metallic element’.

The presence of silent letters in the words often confuses the learners. As a result, the learners mispronounce the words and the overall meaning is misinterpreted.




English grammar is one of the most tricky grammars. It has many such rules that come with exceptions to the rules. Due to the exceptional nature of grammar rules, the learners find them ambiguous and difficult to remember. The confusing rules of forming plurals, verb-agreement, pronoun- agreement rules are few such examples.


3. Dialects

Dialects and jargons vary from region to region. This poses challenges to the learners.  Dialects and jargon can be learned only when one interacts more and more with the native-speakers.


4. Spellings


 Numerous words create the sound of one letter e.g. ‘ph’ for ‘f’ sound.

The words ( homophones) that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings example ‘new’ and ‘knew’ are difficult for beginners.

How to overcome English language learning difficulties?

Learning is a process, you make progress daily step by step. To make your learning process easier and strengthen your English language, you can follow these activities:

  • Read newspaper daily
  • Read books aloud to improve pronunciation
  • Use new words in sentences daily
  • Talk in English daily with the person who is fluent in English
  • Connect to native- speaker in the chat room
  • Push yourself to use the English language

Despite many challenges in learning the English language, you must remember that the English language is a global business language. If you want to grow in your professional career, make an impression in your personal life, you must be fluent in English.

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Resisting learning English is not a wise way. You must sharpen your speaking, listening, and grammar skills to excel in your professional and personal life.

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