What Makes A Man Feel More Confident During Online Meetings?

What Makes A Man Feel More Confident During Online Meetings?

Yesterday, my friend Karan woke up with a dilemma. He had an important online meeting to bring international collaboration to his company. In many of his lower-level meetings, he hardly pays attention to his attire. But this online meeting is different. He could not afford not to choose the dress suitable for this online meeting. What to wear was a big question? He felt if someone could provide him the online meeting tips.

Are you facing Virtual Meeting Anxiety or Online Meeting Anxiety?

Though the unlocking phase of COVID-19 has started everywhere, 80-90% of work continues online, and people follow work from home (WFH). As Coronavirus lengthens, online meetings continue to be part of our lives, which means you have to deal with virtual interactions daily. You have to meet your seniors, colleagues, subordinates, clients, and customers online.

It is evident from the research that when communication becomes disembodied, hidden insecurities may creep in. You may have online anxiety. You may have a secret fear about your online image, e.g., what will people think about the way you handle your device, your dressing, your conduct, and your online communication. We have a new word on the block and, i.e., online anxiety which includes online call anxiety and online video call anxiety. You feel nervous about the online meetings and may think to avoid them. Technical glitches like sound issues, internet and device operation related problems are the reasons for the online video anxiety or call anxieties. You can overcome your concerns by planning and organizing your arrangements well in advance.


Plan your Online Meetings

Self-preparation is the best online meeting guide for successful online meetings.

  • 1. Ensure time discipline
  • 2. Be clear about your role in the meeting.
  • 3. Review all the points to be covered
  • 4. Check your device
  • 5. Ensure adequate lighting in the room
  • 6. Ensure silence in your background
  • 7. Keep a writing pad and pen handy.
  • 8. Dress up professionally

How should you Dress up to Look Confident during Online Meetings?

Online Style

Dress code for virtual meetings is in vogue now, and Online style is a new style. Create your new professional online look, invest in quality clothes, and try out garments that can show off your personality.

Dress up for the meetings to overcome online anxiety and to make a statement through your clothes that you care about and respect your online audience. The idea of online wear is simple. Wear something that makes you feel better, comfortable, apt for all types of meetings keeping your roles and responsibilities intact, and of course, flatters everyone.

Jackets and Blazers


It is essential to stay well-groomed and classy. Putting on a Blazer or a formal jacket would give you a corporate feel. Your audience would respond and regard you seriously. Solid foundation colors such as Black, Blue, Grey, Brown, and Deep Purple give a professional and dignified look. Occasionally, you can wear pinstripes, chalk stripes, windowpanes, and textured weaves to add variety to the wardrobe.


Suits, Jackets, and Blazers are suitable for board meetings and management meetings and convey the message that you are in complete control.


Waistcoats make you think more creatively. Dressing up means dressing a level up to impact others. To dress in business casuals or add a layer to your attire would give an influential, consistent, relaxed, and approachable look to your personality.

Formal Shirts


Formal shirts with light colors or pinstripes are suitable for online meetings. You can pair Formal Shirts with Jackets, Blazers, and Waistcoats.

Jackets without lapels




Nehru Jacket is quite famous. The feature that distinguishes this jacket from a regular suit jacket is its mandarin collar. This collar is a short stand-up collar that is not turned down and does not feature a lapel.

It resembles the suit jacket very closely. Nehru Jacket is in trend and will add to your professional look. It can have single or double vents, and its collar is fastened with the help of a hook, which gives a clean look to the ensemble.

This jacket is worn with matching trousers, but you can also pair it with odd trousers. As the jacket does not display any shirt (except for the arms, cuffs, and a bit of collar), therefore the correct shirt to wear with it would be collarless.

Formal sweatshirts

Your dressing style is the best tool to create your positive and lasting impression. The way you dress during your online meetings, you project your personality traits and abilities.

In the winter season, you can try sweatshirts during casual online meetings. Select the right dress for the right occasion for online conferences and enjoy your Online Style in complete confidence.

“Your Clothing affects your thinking, the way you feel, and the way you act, and the way people respond to you.”

Hope this online meeting guide has added value to overcome your online anxiety and given you solutions to work upon.